Ways Businesses Can Maximize Social Networking

Social networking has changed the way businesses market their services. Here are some ways businesses can maximize opportunities in this brave new world.

Web-based communication as an inbound marketing business strategy is essential in a world where customers are interacting over social networks more and more each day. Direct engagement with customers and buyers through social media has the power to increase market share and sales. However, the key to maximizing the potential of this new arena for business requires dedication to achieving clearly outlined objectives.

It is far too common for companies to leap head first into social media with absolutely no plan in place. Profitable social involvement on the corporate level requires astute planning. Social networking for businesses is much more than creating a YouTube video or tweeting on Twitter. To get the most out of social networking, businesses are well-advised to follow these three useful tips.

Create Relevant Messages for Specific Audiences
Think of social media messages as personal conversations. In order for conversations to be of any interest, they must have meaning for the persons involved in the discussion. For example, one would never talk about the benefits of hair care products with a friend who is bald and has no hair because the topic has no personal relevance. In this manner, businesses are advised to create relevant messages for specific audiences to ensure that the message will resonate and have personal impact. The more precise the target and the more targeted the message, the better the results will be.

Create Content With Lots of Links
The internet is all about sharing information and there’s no better way to share than by inserting lots of links within content. Whether the online content is a blog posting or a brand message on a Facebook fan page, embedded hyperlinks are essential. Create content with lots of links by making all keywords clickable. These links can direct readers back to the corporate website for more information, or re-direct site visitors from a company blog to another complementary site. Social links are important because they translate into more web traffic and incite more online brand awareness.

Be the Source of Knowledge
It’s not enough for businesses to simply post about themselves on social networks. Businesses need to offer useful and valuable information to keep people coming back and to inspire them to spread the word to others. What’s more, when viewed as a source of industry knowledge or as a thought leader, an organization becomes a much sought-after source. Displaying professional expertise will encourage people to advocate on behalf of a particular organization. Site visitors will then be more likely to endorse that company, and that company’s services, within their social conversations.

There is much benefit possible for businesses that choose to participate in social networks. Success depends on a willingness to engage, experiment and capitalize on this exciting, new venue for market growth.

Freelance SEO: How to Get Your London WordPress Business Site Noticed

Freelance SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, has gone through a few changes recently. Although the leader in search results is still Google, they have modified the way search rankings are determined – in a way that is beneficial to beginners to SEO, and can be applied to any site by an  SEO expert in London or even the average first-time website owner. Let’s see how.

Content is King
According to Matt Cutts of Google, search engine rankings are becoming more and more centralized around the quality and uniqueness of content. Things like unique Youtube video embeds, unique articles that have a quality flow to them and optimized pages that load quickly are really big in this new age of SEO.

What does this mean, exactly? That linking up to other sites or getting “linkjuice” – or high PR domains linking to your site, doesn’t count for as much as it used to. It also means that first-time website owners can write to their hearts content. Write well and you’ll be rewarded, says Google. Bloggers, new retailers and review sites can see a boost especially if they produce high quality written content that can be indexed by Google.

Sites that have too many ads, on the other hand, can see a downgrading in their ranking in the search engine. Slow load times, too many duplicate posts or duplicate meta title tags or tag stuffing can result in an over optimization penalty by Google. So when it comes to the SEO practices of yesterday, it’s time to move on to “Content is King” as the guiding principle to web marketing.

SEO used to stand for marketing your site using backlinks, guest blogs and other tactics that were completely unrelated to owning and running a website. With today’s search engine updates, Google asks for quality, unique content and consistently fast sites. Freelance SEO has changed and for the better – if you produce high quality, unique content that flows well and is pleasant to a user – your site will be rewarded with rankings.